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Hello!  I am Annie, a BBC “British Born Chinese” studio designer, from Shropshire (you know, the homeland of Muller yoghurt).  I aim to create unique pieces, which are not only aesthetically pleasing to eye but with aspects of my oriental roots.  Below a mug shot:

My exploration into the world of jewellery didn’t come until I was introduced to a jewellery course by my cousin, at the School of Jewellery1. Where I was fortunate to be taught by highly admired people within the jewellery industry: Eimear Conyard, Jo Pond and Peter Slusarzcuk to name a few. Naively I presumed it was all about beading and bending wire with pliers – don’t know why! – but upon first introduction2 I soon realised it was so much more. Thus, unforeseeable-y, spent 5 years to gain a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing.

University was like a second home but now, that title belongs to the workshop, where I can be found beavering away copious amounts of tea. It also helps that the jewellery industry also feeds my geeky side, as I have an unhealthy thirst of knowledge for new technology. The jewellery designing and making process consists of a marriage between traditional bench skills and new technology.

Proficient in sawing, soldering, enameling, stone setting (simple rubover and claw setting, nothing fancy like pavé), CAD (Rhino and Matrix), Vray, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Excel, Access, and use Notepad++ to code this website. Geek Annie is also able to code in X/HTML, CSS and with basic PHP knowledge. It would be preferable for viewers not to look at the coding but if you do it is at your own discretion and the coding can get pretty ugly. By the way my website does technically pass validation but the plug-ins invalidate my code. Yeah. /feeble humour

This is a short story of a geek, with a now slightly more fashionable side.

  1. I would highly recommend this institution for any aspiring jewellers. []
  2. None other than Eimear Conyard. []