This collection is a continuation of fours rings I had previously made.  It was my first time experimenting with transferring colours art onto metal.  Kirigami (paper folding but with allowance to cut) was a huge inspiration in this collection.  Well, that and washi/chiyogami paper.  I wanted to bring colours into this collection and convey kirigami from paper to metal:

Through the design process I had been introduced to sublimation (think t-shirt tranfer) and it was perfect for the look I was aiming for.  The sublimation would allow me to  choose patterns and transfer the computer images onto silver, giving off the appearance of washi (origami paper).

The above images show a sample pattern, which was then transferred onto aluminium.  The patter was a little too subtle and wouldn’t have showed up well on silver but with some advice on adjusting the saturation the pattern transfers onto silver looked perfect!

I continued the floral theme (using oriental flowers such as the lotus, sakura and hydrangea) I created a flower base for the ring and left the rest to laser technology, including laser cutting, marking and welding: