Honestly, the idea of this collection just came to me one night – I was having “designer’s block”.  It derived from the concept of dog tags but I wanted to romanticise the idea more.  It started with a basic mental drawing, very similar to the illustration below:

I wanted something charming, with heartfelt words but for those words to not be obvious to the naked eye.  It was all about people being able to express their feelings without needing to be so public about it.  The shape of these pendants were chosen for unisex purposes.  The name ‘Poetry’ just seemed to tie in with my concept.

The making of the pendants included laser cutting technology, aluminium anodising and oxidised silver.  The anodised aluminium tags were laser engraved with lines from poems before they were sent to be coloured in red, blue and green.  The silver covers were also laser cut, the carefully soldered – the handy solution of Argo-tect and methylated spirit meant there was less chance of me melting the silver – and then oxidised be hand, before given a polished look with a silver polishing cloth.

I chose for a matt finish for the coloured anodised aluminium because I thought with the polished look the engraving lettering might not be too readable.  The actual pendants don’t look as shiny as the CAD images (below) but they still look great.  Each pendant is set with an equivalent cabochon colour and cold fixed from the back by riveting the tube.

A paper tag edition was also made to make it more easily customisable for the  wearer.  To take out the paper tags the wearer would only need to unscrew the back tube  and pull the rubover tube setting and replace with their customer tags.