Recommended Books About Jewellery

Here are a few books relating to jewellery that I highly recommend for any professional or aspiring jeweller to read.  You can really never learn enough in this industry. :)StoneSettingforContemporaryJewelleryMarkersbyMelissaHunt Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewellery Makers book of tutorials for different settings.  I have a basic knowledge on stonesetting and mounts  but want to learn more about settings and the maths behind it. CreativeStoneSettingbyJognCogswellCreative Stonesetting has a more innovative approach to to stone setting designs.  A bible for stonesetting technique tips, guides and very useful diagrams.  It’s not a cheap purchase by any means (I think I bought it for about £40) but it’s definitely worth every penny for what you learn.

PaperJewellerybySarahKelly I go through phases of making origami and have been thinking of ways to incorporate the art of paper folding with jewellery.  However, I found incorporating chiyogami (Japanese decorative, patterned paper) to be difficult due to the fragility of the material.  If you search for Saloukee (the author’s jewellery brand) then you will notice the clean, precise and beautiful handmade pieces.  Her book ‘Paper Jewellery‘ is interesting and edifying, with plenty of images from other jewellers who use paper to create something imaginative and eye catching.

On the technical drawing and rendering side I have book I highly suggest..but I can’t remember the name (it’s definitely written in German though) and when I did try to find it online (it was a very rare book to attain).  I have written the name down so once I get hold of that notepad I will update this post. :)

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