Things I’m Working On

I have been collaborating with a fellow jeweller, my friend Nadia, to make a custom silver pendant.  I don’t want to give away too much but this project is exciting as there will be Arabic writing involved and the overall design is pretty unique.  However, it is in it’s early stages so things are constantly […]

Smartphone-Friendly Website!

I’ve been quietly improving my boutique website ( to improve it’s performance.  One of the things I changed, after fixing my friend’s website, is the ecommerce system.   The website is now fully functional and should not have any future problems should I decide to tweak a few things here and there. The main change you […]

Release: Snowbell Collection

The pieces from my Snowbell Collection can now be bought on my online boutique (  It includes two pairs of drop earrings, a lariat necklace and a fringe pendant. All pieces are handmade to order and come in four choices of Swarovski teardrop crystal colours: aqua, peridot, pink and sky blue.  The latter three colours […]

New Collection: Snowbell

If you follow me on Instagram or have stumbled across my photos then you will have seen a jewellery collection I have been working on. The Snowbell Collection1 will be ready for sale soon!  Until then, here is a photo of the jewellery in the collection. A good choice of #Swarovski #teardrop #crystals to choose […]

Bespoke Pendant for Mother’s Day

A very busy week leading up to Mother’s Day so I thought I’d challenge myself, to design and make a bepoke piece for my mum…within two-and-a-bit days. With the limited time in mind I kept the design simple, abstract and based around a shape I rarely turn to: heart.  The bespoke silver hearts pendant turned […]

A New Look and Going Mobile

My first attempt at making this online boutique mobile/tablet-friendly didn’t quite go according to plan (plug-in  limitations and other technical issues).  However, after a lot of reading and learning I’m going to implement these media-friendly features myself.  In the near future this website will, hopefully, look just as beautiful on smartphones and tablets alike. Oh, […]


Exciting pieces are in the design process.  These pieces will not only be different from my usual inspiration but also involve other types of material, which I think will look fantastic.   My source of inspiration comes from modern communication.  How we now express our thoughts and emotions through technology. Here is a little inkling […]

Recommended Books About Jewellery

Here are a few books relating to jewellery that I highly recommend for any professional or aspiring jeweller to read.  You can really never learn enough in this industry. :) Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewellery Makers book of tutorials for different settings.  I have a basic knowledge on stonesetting and mounts  but want to learn more […]