Here Comes the Bride

A couple of weeks ago I was given the honour of creating jewellery for my auntie’s weddings.  For the wedding she wanted an simple arm cuff and a neckpiece with the addition of two other pieces, which would be gifts for her maid of honour and bridesmaid.  With pieces to design and be given the […]

What I Make

A short video exhibiting the things I make and have made in the past. :)

Calligraphy Rings Update

  Dear Letter F, Why must you make life hard? Yours sincerely, Annie I kid.  However, the typographical ring bands haven’t quite worked out but that’s not to say they won’t work.  They will.  With certain characters the dimensions were a bit off, ergo parts of the character’s structural integrity was weakened.  No physical samples […]

Calligraphy Rings and Mobile Site

In a few weeks I should have the samples of my Calligraphy rings, which is exciting because this will be the first time I have used 3D printing so hopefully these intricate rings will come out perfectly.  Like so: The samples rings will be gold-plated.  They will also determine whether I need to make any adjustments to the […]

Calligraphy: Rings

These customisable quote rings will soon be available at The examples above are platinum and yellow gold, the font for both is cursive with the Latin phrase “audere est facere”, which translates to “to dare is to do”. Along with the aforementioned precious metal the rings in silver will also be an open option.

Calligraphy Rings

For those who follow me on Twitter1, you will be aware that I have been working on simple ring bands based around calligraphy.  I find typography interesting, particularly cursive writing where you get a fluid continuity between letters, so wanted to experiment with making jewellery from cursive fonts.  For the samples I have used a […]

Jewellery to Customise and for Special Moments

I’ve always loved creating jewellery with a concealed meaning and with some romantic denotation (see the Poetry collection and an Eichi pendant). For the design of my next pieces, I will be focusing on creating pieces for those special occasions and for people to be able to express themselves through jewellery rather than spoken words.  My next […]

Bloglovin’, RSS Feed and Possible Future Updates

As you may already know you can be the first to any news, updates or special offers by following my RSS feed (see orange icon below).  However, now, you can also follow future posts via Bloglovin’ (just an alternate way to follow your favourite blogs): Follow my blog with Bloglovin In the future I may add […]

At First Glance: Lortone 33B Double Barrel Tumbler

I’m going to try and make review this short, sweet and simple as it is my first time using it.  I’ll probably give an update on the tumbler in half a year when it’s been worked more and what not. Yesterday I received my barrel polisher.  I had done a little bit of research before […]